Ignite Me (A YA Book Review)

Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi Warner. <3 Now, that that’s out of the way. I really liked this book. It was good to finally have all the pieces of Warner put together so that both the reader and Juliette could see him for all that he is: human. As a teacher, I have seen how people become a product of their environment. It takes a strong person to be able to overcome that and both Juliette and Warner do an excellent job of that. This book gave me less anxiety than Unravel Me, especially once Warner and Juliette started building the foundations of a relationship. Warner was kind, patient, and loving even when he wasn’t sure Juliette would love him back. His openness and honesty was admirable. He do

Unravel Me (YA Book Review)

Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi Just wow. First, I want to get the one minute thing I didn't like out of the way so I can talk about all the stuff I loved! I know Juliette is trying to figure out herself, but I found her to be a bit weak and whiny in this book. Kenji is totally right when he tells her she's being self-absorbed and wallowing in her self-pity. I also found Adam to be really needy and obsessive in this book, despite my love for him in book one. Okay, now moving on. By the end it is clear Juliette has finally got a grip on herself as a direct result of Kenji's tough love. I loved all the insight into Warner and I cannot wait for book three to see how his relationship with Juliette pl

Spearcraft Book Box March 2017 Unboxing

March 2017 SpearCraft Book Box Unboxing Pirates & Mermaids Monthly postcard by @treehouseofbooks Pirate Soap in Black Pearl by @spearcraft Daughter of the Pirate King monthly magnet Mermaid and Sailor art print by @talesfantastic Mermaid at heart coffee mug by imprinteddecals on Etsy Mermaid quote button by SkyKehaunani on Society6 Double-sided Pirates of the Caribbean bookmark by @spearcraft Pirate inspired treasure with quote magnet by @treehouseofbooks Handmade stamped Updrift bookmark by author Errin Stevens Fierce Reads tote bag from @fiercereads Updrift by Errin Stevens (with author letter) Daughter of the Pirate King

Shatter Me (A YA Book Review)

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi Wow. I'm a little late to the party, but I'd heard so many good things about this series and this first book didn't disappoint. I know there's a lot of hub bub about Warner around the book community, but right now I'm intrigued by Adam. I also enjoy Kenji as comedy relief. Because the reality of it is there are some intense scenes and topics in this book. The style is stream-of-consciousness which I really liked. It's a bit clipped so it made for fast reading. I read this twice as fast as my normal reading pace. I found a few scenes disturbing (I'm a very empathetic, visual person), but I loved the characters and I especially loved the ending and really hope the ne

Frost Like Night (A YA Book Review)

Frost Like Night by Sarah Raasch I liked this so much better than Ice Like Fire! I see how some of the events in Ice Like Fire needed to happen to bridge Snow Like Ashes and Frost Like Night, but I also feel like something about it just does this series a disservice. In Frost Like Night perspectives alternate between Cerie, Mather, and Miera. Thankfully, Miera is less whiny/immature in this book and really comes into her own understanding of her power and identity. I also really enjoyed Cerie's perspective and her demons regarding her relationship with Jesse. Her choices set a good example for Miera, and let's be honest the way Miera grew up she lacked a lot of role models. I enjoyed Mather'

Ice Like Fire (A YA Book Review)

Ice Like Fire by Sarah Raasch Ice Like Fire is the sequel to Snow Like Ashes. Overall, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I did Snow Like Ashes. Snow took me about 160 pages to get into it, but once I got into it I really loved it! Ice Like Fire was almost the opposite. The first 130 pages were really good and then I found my interest floundering. In this book Meira really grapples with her new identity. In short, the magical chasm is discovered early on and Theron and Meira travel to other kingdoms in search of the keys to unlock a magical door protecting it. However, Theron wants the chasm opened so that everyone can have access to magic and be equal. Whereas, all Meira thinks is that the

Spearcraft Box February 2017 Unboxing: The Goblin King

Spearcraft Box February 2017: The Goblin King Book: Wintersong by S. JAE Jones Postcard by @treehouseofbooks Pin by @lvb_art Wintersong inspired soaps in Amber Romance created by @spearcraftbox Double-sided bookmark by @treehouseofbooks Goblin King inspired candle in Lovespell by @spearcraftbox Wax sealed envelope with temporary tattoo and sticker by @spearcraftbox Double-sided art print @paperpanda Wintersong Music lyric postcard and author letter by @sjaejones Wintersong magnet Griffin Teen promotional bookmark from @griffinteen

HootLoot Unboxing February 2017: Rebels & Rockets

Hootloot February 2017 Rebels and Rockets Unboxing: Book: Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza: This was definitely on my to-read list! Baby Groot Laptop Decal: I’m not a huge comics fan, but cute nonetheless. Laser-Carved Millenium Falcon Premium Birchwood Coaster: Also not a huge Star Wars fan. I’ve seen each of the original 6 movies once. The quality of the item is great though and it’s a wonderful item for Star Wars fans. The Lunar Chronicles Mini Bookmark Set by Paperly&Co.: Love! I love The Lunar Chronicles and I got Cinder and Scarlet. It just so happens that Scarlet is my favorite. I also love magnetic bookmarks! Red Rising “House Mars” Keychain with Backpack Charm Clasp: Des

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