Serafina and the Black Cloak (A MG Book Review)

Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty This middle grades book takes place at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. Serafina’s Pa works for Mr. Vanderbilt and, unbeknownst to the Vanderbilts, live in the basement of Biltmore Estate. Serafina knows that she’s different---both in appearance and behavior—but she doesn’t understand why and doesn’t understand the reasons that her father keeps her hidden. Then one night Sera sees a mysterious man in a black cloak who takes one of the children who is staying at the Estate. Soon, Sera is determined to figure out who this man is and just what he is doing. Along the way, she finally makes a friend and follows the clues to both solve the

The Lunar Chronicles Part 1: Cinder, Scarlet, & Cress (A YA Book Review)

The Lunar Chronicles Part 1: Cinder, Scarlet, & Cress By Marissa Meyer Overall series so far: 4.5/5 Stars: A fun, futuristic fairy tale retelling with an evil civilization on the moon. Cinder: After World World 4, the world is divided into 6 countries. Cinder is a cyborg mechanic working in the Eastern Commonwealth in New Beijing. Her life gets turned upside down when one day Prince Kai comes to the market and asks her to fix his android. The Eastern Commonwealth—as well as the rest of the world—are in fragile negotiations with the Lunar Crown, specifically Queen Leavana. In addition, the world is being ravaged by a deadly plague. In an act of anger at Cinder’s supposed, insolence, her evil

Ingram Spark: POD Services for Indie Authors

This video is a long one at almost fifteen minutes, but it details my experience using Ingram Spark POD for the first time from upload to finished product. I hope you find this information useful on your writing journey.

My Lady Jane (A YA Book Review)

My Lady Jane is the story of Lady Jane Grey, sort of. It is a historical fiction novel with some creative license. The authors/narrators intervene periodically to note especially fictitious parts of the story. The story alternates between King Edward, Lady Jane Grey, and her new husband Gifford. The parts that follow history are that Lady Jane was indeed married to Gifford (name changed) and cousin to King Edward. She was queen for nine days and lost the crown to Edward’s sister, now known as Bloody Mary. However, the fun part of this story is the concept of Ethians. Ethians are people who can morph into animals. According to legends, we all had this ability but have forgotten how to use it

The Raven King (A YA Book Review)

The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater is the fourth and final book in The Raven Cycle SPOILER FREE REVIEW (AS LONG AS YOU'VE READ THE OTHER BOOKS): This book is the perfect ending to The Raven Cycle. All the story lines are completed and we see what happens to Cabeswater thanks to Piper Greenmantle awakening the demon at the end of Blue Lily Lily Blue. Adam and Ronan's relationship develops as does Gansey's and Blue's--FINALLY! :) The Gray Man is still around and a lot happens to the women at 301 Fox Way after Gwenllian show's up and Persephone disappears. The characters face many challenges as the search for Glendower himself intensifies and Cabeswater begins to experience the effects of the

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