A Study in Charlotte (A YA Book Review)

A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro A Study in Charlotte is the first book in the Charlotte Holmes trilogy. This book introduces us to Charlotte Holmes and narrator Jamie Watson, both descendants of the famous sleuthing team Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. The story takes place at a Connecticut boarding school at which Holmes and Watson have been separately transplanted. Unfortunately for Jamie, his imagination has concocted a very different idea of Charlotte Holmes. True to her ancestry, Charlotte come from a long line of opiate addicts, but she’s also been solving crimes since she was a pre-teen. Almost immediately after their meeting, someone is murdered and soon Jamie and Charlot

BookLoot Unboxing: April 2017 Victorian at a Glance

BookLoot Unboxing April 2017 Victorian at a Glance Sherlock bookmarks from Behind the Pages Pride & Prejudice Coloring Pages by Mrs. Peggotty Art with Bookloot coloring pencils Jane Eyre Tea from First Edition Tea Co. with heart-shaped infuser Full Size Pride & Prejudice Zombies Funko Short Story by Riley Cee Duels & Deception by Cindy Antsey Insert Card Art by Victoria Lefla **I bought this box with my own hard-earned money and am not affiliated with the Bookloot team. However, you can find me on Instagram at: @authorjenniferlkelly and @thebookishflame .

Lost In A Book (A YA Book Review)

Lost In a Book by Jennifer Donnelly This was an enjoyable story! I read it after seeing the new Beauty and the Beast movie (which I loved). In this tale Love and Death have set in motion a game unbeknownst to Belle and the Beast. Love usually wins and Death hates to lose. This causes death to put an enchanted book in the Beast’s library. The book is called Nevermore and it offers Belle everything she could ever hope for. Except not everything is as it seems in Nevermore. Will Belle’s decisions put the Beast and his beloved servants in jeopardy? This book was a quick read. I feel like it was published quickly as there were some errors here and there. I also feel like certain decisions Belle m

Wayfarer (A YA Book Review)

Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken 3.5/5 stars I enjoyed this book more than Passenger. With Passenger I reached a point where I felt the story dragged a bit. I enjoyed this story much more, although still found bits confusing especially with the added layer of complexity involving the Shadows. It was also surprising that Nick and Etta were kept apart for almost the entire book. I do think for my personal tastes, the writing style is a bit superfluous and I felt the same about Passenger. Sometimes the descriptive introspection, especially in Nick's chapters, were so lengthy I'd get distracted and have to refocus my attention. However, as I said this is my personal preference. Overall, the story w

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