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HootLoot Unboxing February 2017: Rebels & Rockets

Hootloot February 2017 Rebels and Rockets Unboxing:

Book: Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza: This was definitely on my to-read list!

Baby Groot Laptop Decal: I’m not a huge comics fan, but cute nonetheless.

Laser-Carved Millenium Falcon Premium Birchwood Coaster: Also not a huge Star Wars fan. I’ve seen each of the original 6 movies once. The quality of the item is great though and it’s a wonderful item for Star Wars fans.

The Lunar Chronicles Mini Bookmark Set by Paperly&Co.: Love! I love The Lunar Chronicles and I got Cinder and Scarlet. It just so happens that Scarlet is my favorite. I also love magnetic bookmarks!

Red Rising “House Mars” Keychain with Backpack Charm Clasp: Despite loving YA, I am a thirty-something woman, so I don’t really have a need for a book-themed key chain, but I’ve heard about this series and am thinking I should check it out.

Hunger Games “Nightlock” Lip Balm by From the Page: I love Callie’s shop! Her candles are wonderful. I’ve never tried her other products, but sadly I will be giving this to a friend since I have a treenut allergy and it contains almond oil.

Divergent Bookmark by A Touch of Epic: I love this bookmark! Although I’m not as into Divergent as I was when the movies first came out (just like Twilight I lost interest after a while despite loving it when I read it), this bookmark is lovely. I’ve ordered from A Touch of Epic before and her Six of Crows bookmark and Lunar Chronicles bookmark are in my favorites. I’m a proud owner of her Scorpio Races bookmark!

Starburst Candies: This was fine. I try to avoid high fructose corn syrup, but I don’t mind candy here or there. I guess it fits in because of space and the “starburst”?

CoolGear Travel Water Bottle: I’m actually not sure why this was included in the box. I’ve donated or tossed my collection of free/promotional water bottles because I use more expensive bottles with water timers on them and that are made of sturdy plastic that can withstand dropping and the dishwasher. This most likely will be donated, but if I was just starting working out or was a student this may be a good item to have.

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