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Frost Like Night (A YA Book Review)

Frost Like Night by Sarah Raasch

I liked this so much better than Ice Like Fire! I see how some of the events in Ice Like Fire needed to happen to bridge Snow Like Ashes and Frost Like Night, but I also feel like something about it just does this series a disservice. In Frost Like Night perspectives alternate between Cerie, Mather, and Miera. Thankfully, Miera is less whiny/immature in this book and really comes into her own understanding of her power and identity. I also really enjoyed Cerie's perspective and her demons regarding her relationship with Jesse. Her choices set a good example for Miera, and let's be honest the way Miera grew up she lacked a lot of role models. I enjoyed Mather's chapters in this book more because he seemed less dark and really came into his own. I do wish Theron had a perspective in these books, as a lot of his thoughts would have been relevant to the plots and I think they may have made book 2 stronger. Yes, people die in Frost Like Night, but none left me teary-eyed, although a couple left me saddened that I didn't get to see their lives play out. That said, all the story lines are tied up neatly by the book's end and I was satisfied with Miera's romantic situation because the two characters experienced enough growth that I feel it made sense. SPOILER: Also, I'm happy our protagonist wasn't a sacrificial lamb. I am not a fan of author's killing off someone we spent however many books watching grow and develop. So, thankfully, the protagonist lives (and you'd know this by sneaking a peak at the alternating chapters). 4-4.5 out of 5 stars

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