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Black Sky

The Elementals



A young adult science fiction-fantasy series.

Army of Fire

According to the Legend of the Impossible Girl, the Five Elemental Stones must be obtained from the Elemental Abyss. Newly initiated into Fire, Ka must retrieve the Fire stone from the Land of Fire and upon her return single-handedly defeat the Army of Fire in order to save her friends.

Black Sky

The Earth Key

In book two, Ka's journey continues as she travels to the Land of Earth to retrieve and destroy the Earth stone. Her mother went to great lengths in order to protect her from the Imminent Darkness, but there are consequences for hiding the truth. Someone has lied and someone will die as the Imminent Darkness grows stronger in its quest for retribution.

Black Sky




Genesis of Wood

In the third installment of the series, Ka is determined to retrieve the third stone which will restore her fractured personality: the Wood stone. Accompanied by her boyfriend, Sloan Braden, they travel back to the Elemental Abyss and to the Land of Wood where they quickly learn not everyone is to be trusted.

Black Sky

The Water Queen

It’s time for Ka Waylon to finally face her deepest fear in the Land of Water. With Sloan by her side, Ka searches for the Water stone. But when they arrive in the Land of Water, Ka quickly learns that not all her family is keen on her success. The Water queen is frighteningly beautiful and dangerously narcissistic. And intent on keeping Sloan trapped in her watery world. In order to rescue him and find the stone, Ka will find an unlikely ally that just may save her—and Sloan’s—life.  Time is of the essence as Sloan falls under the Water queen’s spell, and the Imminent Darkness prepares to unleash its biggest evil yet on the colonists of Xon 9.

Black Sky

Secret of Metal

The colonists of Xon 9 are dying. The Imminent Darkness has unleashed its ultimate weapon: a bio-contagion that is a ticking time bomb of death. Ka Waylon must save them. But first, she must break out of a maximum security prison. Then, if she survives that, she must travel to the Land of Metal and retrieve the final Elemental stone. Metal has many secrets. The Metal queen and the tribes of her land: the Fulgurs and the Tonitrui—should not be trusted. Ka is running out of time. A decision must be made that cannot be undone.  Should she risk the fate of many or the fate of one? 

A Vessel For Darkness

This is the story of Ka's best friend, Ahna Sollomon, after she and her twin, Li, return from the Land of Earth. Li is plagued by nightmares and Ahna will go any length to protect her twin. But when a mysterious guy named Cain approaches her and offers his help, Ahna is pulled into a world she never realized existed just below the surface of her daily life. A world full of love, hope, murder, and darkness.

(This book is e-book only.)

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