Six of Crows (A YA Book Review)

This book. First, let me say that I am not one to like a lot of violence in books. I am not new to Leigh Bardugo’s work, as I’ve read the Grisha trilogy earlier this year. That said, I found myself skimming a couple of parts of this book. That aside, I found myself consistently intrigued by this book. The opening scene with Kaz completely played out like a movie in my head and I was instantly in love with the Bastard from the Barrel. I love the story-telling and how as we progress through the heist, we’re given the back story and motivations of each of the characters. This book alternates perspectives and just as Kaz only lets certain members of the gang be privy to his plans, the same holds

Heartless (A YA Book Review)

Heartless by Marissa Meyer 4.5/5 stars I loved the ideas set forth in this book. Marissa Meyer did a great job of incorporating what I consider nursery rhymes in with the Alice in Wonderland story (it has been decades since I read the original Alice in Wonderland, so I don't recall if Carroll did the same). I loved Cath and Jest, even if Catherine's inability to stand up to her parents had me screaming at her. The world building is wonderful between Chess and Hearts. Several times I was imagining the old 80s versions of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. At times, the pacing seemed slow and I can't determine if it was the book or the fact that I slowed down because I knew thi

Furthermore (A MG Book Review)

Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi This was a sweet, imaginative retelling of Alice in Wonderland. I loved the descriptions of the various villages and people in Furthermore. At its heart this book is about relationships and the most important relationship of all, the one we have with ourselves. This book was well-paced in the beginning, then seemed to slow down before rushing through the ending. I would have been okay with a slower, more detailed ending. The climax, resolution, and denouement all happen in about the last 10-20 pages. Either way, the ending made me cry, so I consider that a good thing. I also liked how the story is narrated in an old-fashioned style. The colorful, topsy-turvy world

The Book of Faerie: Lament & Ballad (A YA Book Review)

The Book of Faerie consists of two books currently, Lament and Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater. Lament is the story of Dee who is gifted with the Sight—an ability to see faeries—also known as a Cloverhand. Soon she is swept off her feet by faerie assassin Luke Dillon and is caught up in an elaborate ploy involving the Faerie Queen. At first the style of this book was jarring, but after about three chapters it felt more like the Maggie Stiefvater I am familiar with (The Raven Cycle and The Scorpio Races). The world building is second to none and, like Dee, I am keen on Luke Dillon. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. Ballad is a whole other ball of wax. This book is from the alternating perspectiv

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