Sorcery of Thorns | A YA Book Review

Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson Wow. First, I have to say that I started this book back in September and after 40 pages wasn't feeling it. I didn't really get the whole Malefict thing (couldn't imagine it) and it seemed wordy and superfluous. But something made me pick it up again in January and I suddenly couldn't put it down. Nathaniel Thorn really makes this book. He's like a cross between Nikolai Lanstov and the Darkling. Moreso, I feel like Margaret Rogerson did a really good job of making the reader feel empathy for characters you may otherwise have been suspicious of (trying not to spoil here). It takes a lot of talent for a writer to showcase how we all have light and dark ins

Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw | A YA Book Review

Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw 4/5 stars I have to say I loved Wicked Deep so I had high expectations with Winterwood. At first I was sucked in. Shea is amazing at scene setting and atmospheric writing. The book is also like a hybrid magical realism thriller mystery novel. Which is cool. But then with about 120 pages left or so, my reading really stalled. I think it was because, besides Nora and Oliver, I didn't like the other characters (which you're obviously not supposed to). There was also some anxiety about exactly what these mean kids were capable of both in the past and present. So when I picked it up again, I was at about 3.5 stars. I decided to just sit down for a couple hours and finis

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