Enchanted Book Box Review: January 2017 A Very Merry Unbirthday

This box was amazing! It was chock full of goodies and Kailey always puts a lot of thought and details into her product! Included in this box were the following items:Candle: Geeky Girl Scents (Etsy) Tea: Red Door Cottage (Etsy) Tea Cup Ring: Lydia's Vintage (Etsy) Art Print: @appyreads Bookmark: Midnight Alley (Etsy) Soap: TeaSoapBooks (Etsy)Book: Alice in Wonderland Find Enchanted Book Box on Instagram for news and updates: @EnchantedBookBox

Vassa in the Night (A YA Book Review)

Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter Vassa in the Night very loosely follows a Russian folktale called Vasilisa the Beautiful. Set in modern day Brooklyn, Vassa is an orphan left to live with her step-mother, half-sister, and step-sister. Unfortunately for Vassa, her half-sister hates her guts and challenges her to go to the creepy-chicken feet dancing-beheading—skulls on a fence post-store called BYs. BYs stands for the witch’s name, Baba Yagga. Or in this case, Babs. Vassa has a bit of a death wish and goes to BYs to spite her sister, then getting caught “stealing.” Instead of getting beheaded, she finds a loophole and Babs gives her three nights of work aka impossible tasks. Throughout the

The Night Circus Book Review

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern Spoiler Free: The Night Circus fits into both the YA and Adult fiction categories. The reason being the protagonists are in their late teens on paper, but decades pass throughout the story. I’ll leave you to figure that out. The circus arrives at night with no announcement. And this isn’t just any circus, this is a circus of dreams. There’s magic disguised as illusion, acrobats, and exhibitions that boggle the mind. The novel follows Celia and Marco. Celia is taught in the newer magic—performing and disguising as illusion like the great masters we are familiar with—and Marco practices an older magic. The theory behind the book is that we all had access to

Crooked Kingdom (A YA Book Review)

This book was definitely slower paced than Six of Crows. It delved even further into the backgrounds of our band of misfit thieves and thugs. A couple plot points were predictable (mainly out of this reader's hope) and I was saddened a few chapters before the end, but overall I enjoyed this book and like how Leigh Bardugo ended it. We even get to have some Grisha Trilogy cameos, and I loved that! At first, I thought it would have been good to end the book on the second to last chapter, but after reading the final chapter I see why it was added. It also leaves the story open for another book down the line (which I've read Ms. Bardugo has not ruled out, just not anytime soon). Where Six of Cro

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