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Black Sky

The Lucia Chronicles

A young adult science fiction, dystopian trilogy.







The Girl Who
Wasn't Loved


The Prophecy|01 The Lucia Chronicles
Lucia Giroux discovers that not everything is as it appears in her perfect life. She must acknowledge that she is the Light of the Prophecy in order to save the people she loves most from the Supreme Sovereign’s emotionally manipulating serum.
The Dissentient |02 The Lucia Chronicles
Lucia must come to terms with her new role as the Light as she navigates the Dissentient, which seems to have its own agenda. The Supreme Sovereign is closing in and Lucia needs to accept her role in the Prophecy before more innocent lives are lost. 
The Beacon |03 The Lucia Chronicles

Lucia, Nic, and Jack tell congruent stories of life in The Nation and in the Dissentient as everything reaches its boiling point and each must decide what they are willing to risk to save the lives of their fellow citizens from the Supreme Sovereign’s rule: Life, Love, or Truth.

The Girl Who Wasn't Loved |04 The Lucia Chronicles Novella
Eve follows in her mother’s footsteps in order to become the Supreme Sovereign of The Nation, and will stop at nothing to rid its citizens of the pain she herself felt as an unloved child.
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