The Haven by Carol Lynch Williams

The Haven by Carol Lynch Williams is a not so distant futuristic novel. Shiloh lives in Haven Hospitals and Halls, an institution where students learn, eat, and sleep with minimal social interactions, in fact the mere act of being too near or touching makes its residents sick to their stomachs. Shiloh is obedient. She is a rule follower who takes her daily tonic, only there is something different about her. She remembers. Only she isn't sure what exactly it is she is remembering, that is until classmate Gideon shatters Shiloh's disillusionment. Gideon tells Shiloh the truth and soon Shiloh is remembering and with remembering comes questioning. I don't want to spoil the big reveal of this boo

What is Bublish?

Bublish is a unique marketing tool for authors. The premise is book bubbles which Bublish tweets out on an author's behalf. The book bubbles are essentially excerpts along with author insights. Bublish also provides buy links so readers can discover their next favorite author! They currently have two memberships, the free emerging author and the paid authorprenuer that provides real time metrics! Recently, I upgraded to the paid version after my free trial ended because I have several new books coming out in 2016-21017 and want to utilize the extra marketing power during my launches! At the very least, making bubbles is fun so you should check it out!

Jillian Cade Fake Paranormal Investigator: A YA Book Review

Jillian is carrying on the family business of fake paranormal cases. She flies solo literally, until the new guy at school Sky starts interfering in her life, just as she stumbles onto a real missing person case that could finally pay the electric bill. Succubi, paranormal underground, and mysterious hints at her family’s true past and Jillian’s potential future make for a fun read that leaves the writer one more. Jen Klein’s style is both funny and down to earth despite the supernatural elements. It also has just the right amount of romance in her love-hate relationship with Sky. The ending actually made me teary-eyed in a good way. Klein has already mentioned a sequel is in the works. [Ji

Announcing the Beginner Writer Course @ Udemy!

Over the past several months, I created an online course using Udemy. This course is for beginner writers who want to learn the elements of great storytelling. The course has 40 minutes of lecture, 5 slideshows, and 5 downloadable PDF file worksheets to get you started on your writing journey. Here is the link: The first 20 people who use the code SKIMSCHEMESCRIBBLE will get the course at 50% off which is $10. I really hope you join me in delving deeper on your writing journey!

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