FairyLoot July 2017 Unboxing: Tricksters

FairyLoot July 2017 Tricksters Exclusive Sherlock Enamel Tin Mug by Fictiontea Designs Exclusive Loki Lotion by Geeky Clean Hogwarts Playing Cards (Officially Licensed Harry Potter Merchandise) Fortune Telling Kitchen Glove by Fairyloot Exclusive Harley Quinn Print by Miss Phi Terrible Truths Watercolor Bookmark by Lexy Olivia Book, signed book plate, letter from the author Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody www.fairyloot.com

BookLoot July 2017 Unboxing: What Fate Awaits

Book Loot July 2017 What Fate Awaits Custom wooden bookmark by Ink & Wonder Cloud Atlas inspired candle by Lemon Cakes Candle Co. Raven Boys inspired temporary tattoo designed for Book Loot by Book Mark’d Tattoos What Fate Awaits coloring sheets by Magnetic Posts, LLC and Book Loot colored pencils Short Story: Blossom of Ash by Kennedy Vega Insert Card designed by Victoria Lefla Book: Library of Fates by Aditi Khorana To subscribe: www.bookloot.org

Shelflove Crate July 2017 Unboxing: Shakespeare Mystery Town

Shelflove Crate July 2017 Shakespeare Mystery Town “To tea, or not to tea” mug by @oraarts Midsummer Night Dream tea blend from @firsteditionteaco Shakespeare The Complete Plays in One Sitting Rattle the Stars pocket mirror by @catarinabookdesigns Art Print by @tjlubrano Strange the Dreamer pillow cover by Dania Cantu Night Stars postcard by @ Night Cat Book with letter and signed book plate: The Disappearances by Emily Bain Murphy To subscribe: www.shelflovecrate.com

Roar by Cora Carmack ( A YA Book Review)

Roar by Cora Carmack The premise of this book was extremely intriguing. A princess who lives in a time and land of severe storms, but who lacks the magic needed to protect her kingdom. Just when she thinks she will have to marry in an alliance to protect her kingdom, she discovers a black market of magic and runs away to join some Stormhunters in order to retrieve magic of her own and return to her kingdom. Things I liked: I loved the concept of storms and storms having hearts and souls. I liked the band of Stormhunters, especially Locke. I saw some reviews stating that he was too possessive, citing examples. Which is convenient considering the examples are taken out of context (ah, we learn

Unhooked (A YA Book Review)

Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell This isn’t so much a retelling as a turned-on its head version of Peter Pan. Gwendolyn has put up with her mother’s constant moving and babbling about monsters that she herself cannot see. Just as she’s feeling she should begin to live her own life, she and her best friend are kidnapped during the night. When Gwen wakes up, she finds herself on a pirate ship with Rowan, fulfilling the role of Captain Hook. Soon she’s rescued by Pan, but quickly learns everything she thought about good and bad is anything but. The best parts of this story are in the bits I didn’t want to spoil. At times, Gwen is annoying because she holds Rowan and Pan to what I think the reader will

Literally by Lucy Keating (A YA Book Review)

Literally by Lucy Keating First, I'd like to say I loved Dreamology and was very excited for this book! I thought the premise was so cool! It struck me in the same vein as Off the Page by Jodi Piccoult, which I loved! This book is an easy, light read. Annabelle is likeable and one of the love interests in the love triangle is extremely likeable in an imperfect way, Elliot. I love how Annabelle, Elliot, and Will all fought to have control over their lives. I had read that Lucy using herself as the author writing Annabelle's story was a bit awkward and I have to agree. I loved the way it sounded in the premise like you're reading the same book, etc. Very meta. But it came across a bit strange.

The Best Kind of Magic ( A YA Book Review)

The Best Kind of Magic by Crystal Cestari Amber Sands is a witch. Well, sort of. She comes from a long line of witches, but her only witchy talent is matchmaking. Which isn’t easy for a senior in high school whose arch nemesis is a siren and whose best friend is a precog. But Amber finds great joy in bringing people together, except for when Charlie Blitzman gets involved in her life. Charlie’s future step-mom has gone missing, and while his dad—also the mayor of Chicago and Amber’s mom’s best friend—wants to find Cassandra, Charlie most definitely does not. The magical underworld of Chicago is revealed to Charlie as he and Amber try to find Cass before her mother does. Their adventures brin

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