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Literally by Lucy Keating (A YA Book Review)

Literally by Lucy Keating

First, I'd like to say I loved Dreamology and was very excited for this book! I thought the premise was so cool! It struck me in the same vein as Off the Page by Jodi Piccoult, which I loved! This book is an easy, light read. Annabelle is likeable and one of the love interests in the love triangle is extremely likeable in an imperfect way, Elliot. I love how Annabelle, Elliot, and Will all fought to have control over their lives. I had read that Lucy using herself as the author writing Annabelle's story was a bit awkward and I have to agree. I loved the way it sounded in the premise like you're reading the same book, etc. Very meta. But it came across a bit strange. I think because Lucy made up stuff about herself. As a result, I think it would have been smoother if she'd completely fabricated an author or stayed true to her actual self/accomplishments. She actually wrote herself in quite an unlikeable way. I was also a bit surprised at the number of typos (words left out, another time the wrong character was doing something) considering how many editors look over a traditionally published work. Overall this is a sweet story if you like/don't mind love triangles and a nice message about taking control of your life in a positive way. It's a quick read for summertime. 3.5/5

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