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Wayfarer (A YA Book Review)

Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken

3.5/5 stars I enjoyed this book more than Passenger. With Passenger I reached a point where I felt the story dragged a bit. I enjoyed this story much more, although still found bits confusing especially with the added layer of complexity involving the Shadows. It was also surprising that Nick and Etta were kept apart for almost the entire book. I do think for my personal tastes, the writing style is a bit superfluous and I felt the same about Passenger. Sometimes the descriptive introspection, especially in Nick's chapters, were so lengthy I'd get distracted and have to refocus my attention. However, as I said this is my personal preference. Overall, the story was enjoyable, even if I did have a few lingering questions. I also had the edition with a Rose Linden story involving Henry, and after reading it I still do not like Rose, despite her being a product of her circumstances. She could have chosen a different means to her ends, and the ending to Wayfarer actually leaves that kind of open which is interesting. If you enjoy very descriptive, long books or books about time travel in general with a love story thrown in, then this should be an enjoyable duology.

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