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My Lady Jane (A YA Book Review)

My Lady Jane is the story of Lady Jane Grey, sort of. It is a historical fiction novel with some creative license. The authors/narrators intervene periodically to note especially fictitious parts of the story. The story alternates between King Edward, Lady Jane Grey, and her new husband Gifford. The parts that follow history are that Lady Jane was indeed married to Gifford (name changed) and cousin to King Edward. She was queen for nine days and lost the crown to Edward’s sister, now known as Bloody Mary. However, the fun part of this story is the concept of Ethians. Ethians are people who can morph into animals. According to legends, we all had this ability but have forgotten how to use it over time. Society is divided by the Ethians, the Pack—an Ethian gang of bandits, and the Verities, who believe in true blood lines. This story was very interesting and afterward I looked up the true story of Lady Jane Grey. This book took the liberty to explore what would have happened if Lady Jane hadn’t been Executed and could have had a happily ever after. The story is fun and light-hearted, an easy read. Four out of five stars.

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