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Jillian Cade Fake Paranormal Investigator: A YA Book Review

Jillian is carrying on the family business of fake paranormal cases. She flies solo literally, until the new guy at school Sky starts interfering in her life, just as she stumbles onto a real missing person case that could finally pay the electric bill. Succubi, paranormal underground, and mysterious hints at her family’s true past and Jillian’s potential future make for a fun read that leaves the writer one more. Jen Klein’s style is both funny and down to earth despite the supernatural elements. It also has just the right amount of romance in her love-hate relationship with Sky. The ending actually made me teary-eyed in a good way. Klein has already mentioned a sequel is in the works. [Jillian Cade, Fake Paranormal Investigator by Jen Klein, SohoTeen]

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