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The Fairest Kind of Love | A YA Book Review

The Fairest Kind of Love by Crystal Cestari

This is the last and final book in The Windy City Magic trilogy. It concludes with Amber Sand—our resident magical matchmaker—trying to get her visions fixed, so that she can know if boyfriend Charlie is indeed her match before everyone starts college in the fall. The Fairest Kind of Love is a whirlwind of magic and fun, as Amber sets on a quest to a fairy farm in order to save her now-friend, and former archnemesis, Ivy. Hopefully, a detour or two will also allow Amber to restore her matchmaking powers. I enjoyed reading this series. It’s not super deep (thus, the 4 and not 5 stars as I try to save 5 stars for earth-shattering, soul altering types of books), but it’s a fun, light, rom-com for young adults and even middle grades (nothing too racy in these books). If that sounds like your thing, then I recommend this cute series. 4 out of 5 stars

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