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Archenemies | A YA Book Review

I think this series is just not resonating for me. Please know I've enjoyed all of Meyer's other works (except Cinder), and love The Lunar Chronicles and Heartless. This series is just incredibly preachy and soap boxy. And seems to go on and on. This book took me over two months to get through. Halfway through I switched to the audio so I could listen at work and just get it over with. I am not a fan of the deception on either character's part (Nova and Adrian), but find Adrian's more bearable. The pace of this book was also incredibly slow. I don't find Nova particularly likable. I think she's being set up as an antihero, but I really don't like that she continually denies her intuition and her actual belief system to pursue others (Ace and the Anarchists) agenda. She clearly knows there is more to the story and pegging her family's murder on the fact that the "Renegades weren't there" as opposed to the person who actually pulled the trigger isn't enough to convince me of Nova's motivations, which makes me view her as immature and even weak. Yes, she's a teenager, but she's also someone who doesn't hesitate to kill or steal. I don't know I'll probably listen to the audio of the third book to see how it all ends, but I struggled through this as did several of my friends.

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