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A Question of Holmes | A YA Book Review

A Question of Holmes (Charlotte Holmes #4) by Brittany Cavallaro

5/5 stars

When I read the third book in this series, a friend and I both mistakenly thought it was the last book in a trilogy. But then it was announced there would be a fourth book. And this gem came along. This is not like the other Charlotte Holmes books. A trademark of the other three books is Charlotte’s personal demons and her dark downward spirals. This book does not have that, instead it is more about Charlotte’s healing and search for an identity outside of the one that had been constructed for her in the past three books and in her life prior. Naturally, there’s still a case to solve—this time involving a college actress’s disappearance the previous summer—and also plenty of Watson as Holmes (in first person POV) learns to navigate what it means to be someone’s plus one. The ending wasn’t what I hoped (it hit me on a personal, emotional level) and yet it was the exact perfect ending. I’m truly sad this series is finished as I found a lot of comfort in Jamie and Charlotte, especially in this book. This is one of my favorite YA series, and I definitely recommend it if you like mystery or contemporary. I’ve been having a hard time with a lot of books I pick up lately and this one captured me from the get-go. It’s always nice to visit with old friends and Cavallaro really excels with characterization, which makes it all the more difficult to part with Jamie and Charlotte!

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