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Shelflove Reads | November 2018 Unboxing | Write Your Own Reads

Shelflove Reads November 2018 Write Your Own Reads

This box was all things writer! It was also my second Shelflove Reads box. The October box I ordered had shipped late due to customs issues on an item, so they had given customers a special discount code on a future box. You can find the October unboxing in my Book Sub Box playlist.

  • Writer’s advice pamphlet made by Shelflove

  • Silky typewriter throw pillowcase provided by Shelflove

  • Quill pen provided by Shelflove

  • Wonderful Wizard of Words booklet containing sticky notes with cover designed by @noverantale

  • Tears of my readers mug by @kitstercronk

  • Bestsellers Blend coffee in Chocolate Raspberry by Lyn Basics

  • Book: An Assassin’s Guide to Love and Teason by Virginia Boecker

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