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The Wicked Deep | A YA Book Review

The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

This is book is everything I love. Magic, atmospheric setting, witches, slightly altered reality, and romance but not over the top. I am surprised by the kind of low average rate for this, but I guess in the vein of one of my favorite books, The Night Circus, you either get it and love it or it's lost on you and you wonder what the point was. The plot twist was something I suspected after a while, but for me it didn't detract from the story. I'm a total sucker for the love conquers all but this is definitely not a unicorns and butterflies story. The ending is actually quite bittersweet, but I loved the writing, the town of Sparrow, and the characters (even the characters I wanted to throttle). I read this in big chunks knowing that whenever I would sit down to read I wouldn't put it down quickly. If you like books with magic and fate à la A Million Junes, The Love That Split the World, or even The Raven Cycle (the beginning reminded me of TRC but that vibe faded) then there's a good chance you will enjoy this one. I feel like Emily Henry and Shea need to team up for a book! I look forward to reading more books of Shea's in the future (hopefully she doesn't leave us wanting more like Erin Morgenstern). 4.75/5 stars

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