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An Enchantment of Ravens | A YA Book Review

An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

This was a great read! I loved Isobel because she was strong and funny. Rook was also adorable, funny, and strong without being domineering. At times I felt the writing was a little superfluous, considering it's a YA book. I am an author with a master's degree and a bachelor's in English and there were even a couple words I wasn't even familiar with. It seemed kind of silly at times. Otherwise, I really liked the plot and the love story. I saw somewhere that people thought it was insta-love which I disagree with because one, the author notated a passage of time and two, the author also had Isobel acknowledge it seemed like a fairy tale and she was one of those girls falling in love too fast. Another real world reason it didn't bother me (and perhaps this is old age talking) is that I've heard people say they met someone and knew they'd marry them or I, myself, have formed a strong liking to someone in the matter of a day. What I'm saying is when you know, you know and life is too short to be cynical and bitter. At one point Isobel even says love isn't worth it, but she soon learns love is the only reason anything IS worth it. But I'll spare you my metaphysical ramblings. Great book as a standalone, but would also be happy with another adventure. Also, that cover by Charlie Bowater is GOALS. 4 out of 5 stars

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