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The Best Kind of Magic ( A YA Book Review)

The Best Kind of Magic by Crystal Cestari

Amber Sands is a witch. Well, sort of. She comes from a long line of witches, but her only witchy talent is matchmaking. Which isn’t easy for a senior in high school whose arch nemesis is a siren and whose best friend is a precog. But Amber finds great joy in bringing people together, except for when Charlie Blitzman gets involved in her life. Charlie’s future step-mom has gone missing, and while his dad—also the mayor of Chicago and Amber’s mom’s best friend—wants to find Cassandra, Charlie most definitely does not. The magical underworld of Chicago is revealed to Charlie as he and Amber try to find Cass before her mother does. Their adventures bring Charlie and Amber closer together, but she knows she is not his match and she is unable to see her own. Should she follow her heart for happiness in the present or stick to her strict matchmaking standards of not letting business and pleasure mix? Things really heat up when her best friend, Amani, challenges Amber’s matchmaking abilities thus setting up a plot line for the next book in the Windy City Magic series, The Sweetest Kind of Fate.

This was a cute, fast read. At first, it was hard for me to get into because I had just finished a five star read by one of my favorite authors, but once it got going I really enjoyed it and found myself reading large chunks in one sitting. Amber is likeable and at times amusing. Her thoughts and struggles are relatable to the average teen. Her matchmaking makes her an easy target, but she’s confident enough to not really care. Ivy, although a siren, is the stereotypical popular mean cheerleader. Amani is a good sidekick/supporting friend who tries to suppress her magical abilities. Charlie is also a great character with a bit of depth that’s not immediately apparent. I liked the idea of a cool guy with an inner geek. Lastly, I am intrigued by the storyline regarding Amber’s mother, Lucille, and her witchy past which she doesn’t want Amber to know about. I think that will be a strong plot line in the next book, along with Amani’s reawakening precog abilities and Charlie and Amber’s romance. This book was 3.75/5 stars for me.

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