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Six of Crows (A YA Book Review)

This book. First, let me say that I am not one to like a lot of violence in books. I am not new to Leigh Bardugo’s work, as I’ve read the Grisha trilogy earlier this year. That said, I found myself skimming a couple of parts of this book. That aside, I found myself consistently intrigued by this book. The opening scene with Kaz completely played out like a movie in my head and I was instantly in love with the Bastard from the Barrel. I love the story-telling and how as we progress through the heist, we’re given the back story and motivations of each of the characters. This book alternates perspectives and just as Kaz only lets certain members of the gang be privy to his plans, the same holds true for the reader. I was reading along and then thinking later, “Wow. That’s what happened there!?” It was almost like I couldn’t even trust my own senses to know what was going on. Even I was duped. The characters are all love-worthy, even though they’re a misfit band of thugs and thieves. You want them to win and succeed, especially as you learn their backstory and see how they interact with one another. Thank goodness for maps, because I had to look back several times because I’m never very good with technical descriptions. The book ends on a relatively large cliffhanger and I have no idea how people survived the wait in between books. I bought the duology boxed set and therefore will be starting Crooked Kingdom tonight! 4.75/5 stars

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