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Ruin & Rising (A YA Book Review)

Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardguo

Ruin and Rising is the conclusion to the Grisha trilogy. In this book Alina is on the hunt for the third amplifier, the mythical firebird. The Darkling returns with more of a presence in this one as things come to a head after the Darkling has taken over the throne. Throughout the book Alina grows into her power, but with her power comes both responsibility and cost. Nikolai returns for a good portion of the book, providing oft needed laughs. I had a feeling Mal would have something important about him or his history and that proved true—but I couldn’t have seen what the reason truly was! So that was a nice surprise. I love the ebb and flow of Mal and Alina’s relationship, despite how much I enjoy the Darkling. I also was happy with the ending of this book (the third person prologue). One of the other enjoyable features of my particular edition was the short story The Demon in the Wood, which is a tale from the Darkling’s childhood. Ms. Bardugo does such a wonderful job of humanizing a villain who is cruel on the surface, but much more at his core. I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars, and I would give the series 4-4.5 stars overall.

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