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Shadow and Bone (A YA Book Review)

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

This trilogy is turning out to be amazing. But to stay focused on the first book, Shadow and Bone introduces us to Alina a peasant military mapmaker in a Russian-inspired place called Ravka. Part of this society is a class of people who practice the Small Science, known as Grisha. Unbeknownst to Alina, she is thrown into the world of Grisha for an ability to summon light that she'd suppressed since childhood. Soon the Darkling is vying for both her heart and her power, but if anyone cannot be trusted it is the Darkling.

This book is well-written and the world-building is fantastic. I really like Alina and her snarky attitude and the banter between both her and the Darkling, and her and her childhood friend, Mal, is quite humorous. Alina is a relatable character, she is strong, but she is human. Leigh Bardugo has an uncanny ability to make you fall for both of Alina's love interests! Team Darkling. No, Team Mal. No, Team Darkling! Wait til you get to book 2....As a sidenote, I had the privelege of meeting Leigh Bardugo at an author event at a local library and she is brilliant and hilarious. I cannot wait to also read the Six of Crows duology!

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