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Dreamology by Lucy Keating (A YA Book Review)

Dreamology is the story of Alice and Max. Ever since she can remember, Alice has dreamed of Max every night. Unfortunately, she’s in love with the guy of her dreams literally. That is until she walks into class at her new school and Max is there. Only, he acts like he doesn’t know who she is, and he has a girlfriend. The story follows Alice as she gets to know Real Life Max and how he differs from Dream Max. But soon it seems Alice’s dream world is beginning to seep into the real world. Can Alice and Max find answers before they can no longer tell the difference?

This is a sweet book about friendships, relationships, and dealing with reality. It is definitely a feel good story and I gave it five stars, mostly because I am into dream stuff and myself have vivid dreams. This is Keating’s debut novel and was inspired by her own crazy dreams.

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