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3 Things I Learned From Attending My First Writers Conference

I spent 3 days at beautiful Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana attending my first-ever writer's conference! I laughed, I learned, I loved it. How do you summarize 3 days in a short You Tube video? You don't! So I narrowed it down to the 3 most important things that I learned. Hopefully, they surprise you as much as they surprised me! As a sidenote, sometimes people don't know the impact they had on you, so I'd like to shout-out to the people who shared their expertise and made a lasting impression on my writing career: Christa Desir (YA author and editor), Martha Brockenbrough (YA author and hilarious speaker), Heidi Schulz (MG author, for her wisdom on word counts), Elise Capron (literary agent at the "buttonhole the expert"), Dee Romito (MG author and her knowledge of Scrivener, which I am still struggling to master), Jane Friendman (former editor at Writer's Digest for taking the time to talk with me), Summer Heacock and Mark Benson (MWW faculty members for helping me with my pitch), and many more who shared their knowledge! I am looking forward to #MWW16!

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