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Hello, a bit about me:

Welcome! I am Jennifer L. Kelly, a young adult  author, candlemaker, and a former middle school language arts teacher. I love Doctor Who, yoga, creating bookish candles, spending time in nature, and my dog! Oh, and of course writing! :) For more on how I became a writer and my credentials, check out my About Me. Join me on my writing journey: Check out my vlog or take a peek at my books! Even better, subscribe to my newsletter: Skim. Scheme. Scribble for monthly updates, discounts, contests, book reviews & writing tips. As a thank you for signing up, you will receive a FREE Epub or PDF of The Prophecy: The Lucia Chronicles Book 1. Everyone has their secrets, what would you risk to find out the truth? Just fill out your deets above for your FREE full-length book! 


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