3 Things I Learned From Attending My First Writers Conference

I spent 3 days at beautiful Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana attending my first-ever writer's conference! I laughed, I learned, I loved it. How do you summarize 3 days in a short You Tube video? You don't! So I narrowed it down to the 3 most important things that I learned. Hopefully, they surprise you as much as they surprised me! As a sidenote, sometimes people don't know the impact they had on you, so I'd like to shout-out to the people who shared their expertise and made a lasting impression on my writing career: Christa Desir (YA author and editor), Martha Brockenbrough (YA author and hilarious speaker), Heidi Schulz (MG author, for her wisdom on word counts), Elise Capron (lite

Elements of Literature Series: Video 5 of 5: Resolution

The fifth video in my Elements of Literature Series. Resolution! In this video I discuss where the resolution should take place in the story and how even best-selling authors can make the mistake of having the resolution occur too soon, at the detriment of reader interest!

Elements of Literature Series: Video 4 of 5: Conflict

This is video 4 of 5 in my Elements of Literature Series. Conflict is the problem in the story and, quite frankly, without it you don't have a story! This video will run briefly through several types of conflict and I highly recommend you utilize more than one in your writing!

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