Elements of Literature Series: Video 3 of 5: Plot

This is video 3 of 5 in the Elements of Literature Series. In short plot is the sequence of events in a story, but in actuality it is so much more! This video breaks down plot into 3 easy-to-understand components, so whether you are a teacher, student, newbie writer, or just looking to review, this video will provide a quick tutorial!

Elements of Literature Series: Video 2 of 5: Setting

This is the 2nd video of 5 in the Elements of Literature Series. In this video I explore setting which is composed of time and place, along with all of the subcategories that constitute those elements. Setting is crucial to a story because it can provide context and conflict, as well as help to keep the plot moving. It can even affect how your reader's FEEL by establishing a story's mood. Setting! Learn more!

Elements of Literature Series: Video 1 of 5: Character

This video is the first in a series of five regarding the Elements of Literature. We start the series with all you need to know about character: antagonists, protagonists, static vs. dynamic, flat vs. round, and point of view goes hand in hand with character, but which should you use? This video is great for newbie writers and teachers teaching the literary elements in their classroom, or as a refresher!

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