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The Cruel Prince by Holly Black | A YA Book Review

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Just wow. Holly Black has quickly become one of my go-to authors in the last few months. This book is no exception. I'll keep this short to avoid spoilers. The story follows Jude (in the first person) who is a mortal living in Faerieland after the murder of her parents. She longs to fit in and prove herself to the other Fae who look down on mortals, especially Prince Cardan. And the way she thinks to do this is to try and become a knight for one of the prince or princess courts. However, when she is denied this she decides to find another means.

What ensues is a slow reveal of information that the reader learns alongside Jude. Essentially revealing that not everyone is what they appear to be, with individual motives crossing paths with Jude's destiny. The end isn't particularly cliffhanger-y, but it closes the main plot arc more or less for the time being and sets it up for the next book.

Sorry for being so cryptic, but it's the easiest way to avoid spoilers. If you like Holly Black, Fae, or Urban Fantasy, then you are sure to enjoy this. Black is a master of precision of language in my opinion. Her characters are complex and have depth, and I enjoyed puzzling things out alongside Jude. Cannot wait for the next one!! Preferably sooner rather later!

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